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Humane Society Of Scott County

7  Reviews

(563) 388-6655
2802 W Central Park Ave
Davenport, IA 52804
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(563) 388-6655


Adoption Of Pets, Pick Up Stray And Lost Pets, Return Lost Pets To Owners, Spray Or Neuter, Rabies And Microchip Clinics 5X A Year, Volunteer Program, .

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They don't seem to reall want to get the animals adopted. Which is sad, seems the alternative is to put them down.


i find it impossible to work with these officiers i live in cook county and have told them so many times in leaving a number in chwiicago for me to be reached. i have custodians who care for dogs since i do not live there anymore my son and daughter and ex husband, i own and rent property in dave. mistake. upon coming here to do some work in oct ornov. i was attacked by a cat in my yard when trying to get it out of my yard, i was bitten twice by this cat. in frustration i opened the aate to get the catsout and the dogs also got out chased the cat down. i went to the emergency room and as treated i ended up with an infection. on meds for three weeks. i was told by the humane society that i did not matter, there are in charge of animal to animal andthe dogs were running at large regardless on my injuries from the cat.. i told them when they called me i did not live in ia. they refused to believe and insisted the dogs be quaruinted, we were told that they could be in the house until testing from the cat was done. they kept callingwith different answers everyday always being told something different, they spoke to my husband who tried to board them but could not get them in anywhere. we kept them in our home locked up. we finally got notice that they released the dogs. then in feb were called a bout outstanding tickets, never received by anyone. i live in chicgo. they knew that but they wrote them out to me and never notified me of court date never. now a problem comes up with a tenant and due to the predjucice and bias from this last problem with no concern for me. and my injuries. my dogs have been taken and they refuse to let us see them and wont talk to anyone in town. they refuse to speak to me since i do not live here. they have told my son they are going put down the boxers. the female is pregnant. my tenant dogs attacked my dogs and they got bit. that does not make the dogs vicious it makes a stupid tenant puting dogs together that dont get along. officeir shuster has hung on merepeatedly along with my ex and myson does not know how to handle this. they she is abusive and neglecful in respect. due to writing tickets someone who does live in scott county she is now taking it out on my young son who is 18 and is taking itout on the dogs she is abusing her power and holds a strong dislike for our family causing more problems this woman hangs up on you refuses to listen to you when you tell her something even in giving out my hphone number is chicago she still does not believe i live there. this is causing theproblems. she is bias and incompentent to be in a customer relation position she has no business running this department. my dogs are being threatened and not taken care of i am told they have been musseled and chained up. i will submit pic online to all to see. these dogs are spoiled they have never been seperated they get frigtened when apart they sleep with my son at night why take it out on the dogs becasue she has it in for me.

amy ruggeberg

I think you are a load of crap. You don't care about animals. Why don't you try to rescue them before they die? Maybe we should have the local news come to some of the places where people are neglecting their dogs and that you have been told about. But they still have them bones and all. Disgusting!!!

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